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Our electric steam generator (or boiler) further helps by providing "clean" steam for your autoclave. "Dirty" steam may contain foreign particles coming from water, metal surfaces, or different chemicals, and while this usually doesn't affect the reliability of the steam sterilization process, some medical facilities and laboratories will definitely need a cleaner source of steam.

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The Autoclave Steam Generator | Tuttnauer

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Steam generators for autoclaves

4/12/2017 · The new technologies in the steam produccion equipments allows to have a cost-effective installation, lower power and lower energy bill. The steam generators for autoclaves are being transforming with new technologies as ete applies in its steam boilers, the target of this new technology is to simplify installations, reduce costs and breakdowns.

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A steam-to-steam generator takes the steam from the house boiler and uses it to heat water that's turned into clean steam that can be funneled straight into the autoclave. It's an efficient process if the cleanliness of the house steam is in question, but it can also be an expensive piece of …

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